TomC-65_February 18, 2017In September of 1987 I did my first Traffic Report on Radio on Power 99FM in Atlanta, Georgia. I had just won a contest to get that gig beating out hundreds in the Radio Promotion for this new Radio Station. I didn’t know what to expect as I had 2 other jobs ( which by the way both companies were so gracious to allow me to work my schedule around this) Winn-Dixie as a Butcher and a Security Guard on the Weekends for Atlanta Toyota. I had done some Comedy in High School, Writing for Skits, Impressions, Class Clown, stuff like that so I starting interjecting stuff into my reports and the Radio Station loved it. Long story short, they offered me a Full Time position and a 3 year contract. Well, it wasn’t my intention to go that route but I figured, wh
at the heck, I’ll put real life on hold. Little did I know that almost 30 years laterI’d still be in the Media industry. Radio went well moving up the ladder to Sports Director then Producer and we even made the cover of Billboard magazine as Radio Station of the year. I didn’t realize how cool that was until years later. I also started doing some part time Acting after I was told to turn in a tape to an Agency for Voice-over work since I was in Radio. Well, they wanted a Head Shot instead, didn’t know what that was, and then THAT career began. I acted a little here and there until finally some big gigs started popping up. I got a Local TV gig Hosting and Won an Emmy. I’m like freaking out now because this is better than dominos tumbling in sequence continually for 30 years as i’s surreal. I do count my blessings all the time because I know I walked into a dream gig and do not regret my decision at all. Sure, I could havet seems I just kept getting one break after another.  So the Acting continued, I’ve been lucky enough to do Movies, TV, Commercials, Print, a ton of stuff, have traveled, met nice Movie Stars, itcompleted my degree while working and could be in Hotel/Motel Management ( that was my intent for getting a degree) but I took a chance and now I’m here. It’s not September yet and it all could come crashing down but it’s been one helluva ride and I’m grateful for everything and everyone I met along the way. No, it hasn’t been perfect but pretty darn close. So THANK YOU to all those I may not have thanks along the way, thanks for giving me a chance, thanks for helping me, thanks for teaching me, thanks for guiding me, thanks for having faith in me, thanks for the endless opportunities and thanks for letting me be me. I seriously could write a book on this journey and perhaps one day I will. For now, I’m just going to continue working hard and keeping my sites on the end game, retirement one day and enjoying life, although I’m really enjoying it right now. Okay, now I’ve saved the best for last and that is my wife. You see, before I went into acting full time I got Fired from Radio and quite frankly didn’t know what to do. I’d put all my eggs into this basket and had such momentum that it hit me square in the puss and I was devastated. I woke up in sweats one night, Panic attack, Anxiety attack, whatever you call it and totally freaked out. The wife woke up and really just pulled everything back into perspective and simply told me, “Just go act full time. You’ll be fine”. It was that simple but her comfort and voice gave me hope and clarity. Without her behind me I would be nothing and it was that simple talk that propelled me to where I am today. This is kind of a short version of what happened but I wanted to share this with everyone only because Life is really funny and you never know what Fork you might take in the road and who knows what tomorrow brings. Barring an unnatural disaster or act of God, I’m throwing a party at my house for 30 years of “WOW”!