If you’re part of the 77% Actorboy can help you so keep reading below…….

With 162 million Americans watching online video, you’d think every brand would be leveraging video to communicate their message. But shockingly 77% of brands aren’t using online video. If your brand is one of those not using online video, let’s look at what you’re missing. First there are the eye-popping numbers of people watching video online:

-132 million unique viewers in 2012 on YouTube alone
-Average viewing time per person of 6:48
-25.8 billion total video streams viewed last year
-Over 88 percent of online users watched at least one online video in October according to ComScore.

Then there’s the argument that “a picture is worth a thousand words.”
Right now you’re probably communicating your brand’s message to your audience through a blog, social media, press releases and traditional advertising. Nothing wrong with these channels, but that’s what they are, channels.How you get a message to your audience comes second to how you communicate to them. Video is essentially a collection of moving pictures, strung together for entertainment, information and, when used as a marketing vehicle, to encourage the viewer to take a specific action. All trends confirm that online video isn’t going away. If anything, with the expected arrival of embedding Web video in Facebook News Feeds, the number of Americans watching online video is only going to increase in 2013 and beyond. If more and more people are joining the millions already watching online video, and visually communicating a message can be so effective, why are 77% of brands not leveraging online video marketing? More importantly, if your brand is one of the 77%, why aren’t you? Soon you’ll be able to promote your Web video as an ad within Facebook users’ timelines, potentially changing both online video and TV advertising as we know it. More importantly, the move could make it easier for your Web video to run alongside the big brands. Combine potentially lower prices with Facebook’s impressive ad targeting capabilities, and your Web video could have a waiting audience of millions. All the audience may have to do to view your ad is something they do anyway: Scroll their news feed. While the ability to embed your video in millions of Facebook users’ feeds is exciting, 15 seconds isn’t a lot of time. Especially considering a regular TV ad is 30 seconds long, it’s likely you don’t have a 15-second Web video ready for primetime on Facebook. With this new ability from Facebook, now’s the time to evaluate your videos. Maybe you have an existing video that can be trimmed to fit Facebook’s 15-second rule, or maybe you should explore creating a new video altogether. Whichever choice you make, as with any marketing tool, you want your Web video to be engaging, have a clear message and drive toward an action you want the viewer to take. Though we don’t have all the info to know exactly how the ability to place a sponsored Web video in Facebook users’ news feeds will work, a move this big by Facebook can be the difference maker for brands big and small.