• An endorsement from a happy customer is one of the most powerful marketing tools that’s available. We shouldn’t pat ourselves on the back because it’s far better to let someone else do your bragging, especially a satisfied customer. Customer testimonials can be a fantastic sales & marketing tool. They give your prospective and current customers a firsthand account of your value, trustworthiness and credibility. A video testimonial is the most credible and meaningful way to showcase your company. Testimonial videos provide powerful digital marketing and social media content.
    When considering video testimonials, there are several reasons why you may want help from a professional. Let’s face it, it can be uncomfortable for you to ask your own customers to elaborate on the reasons why your solutions are so great; however, as a third party,AVP has professional on-camera talent to ask solution-oriented questions (pre approved by you) that will garner the answers you need to make a great testimonial video. We handle it all; including project management, scheduling, release forms, interview questions, interviews, videography, lighting, and video editing. 
  • These videos are like a Company brochure intended to give new visitors to a website a better idea of your company. Corporate overview videos typically include company history, key products or services, maybe a word from executives or owners letting you get to know them and look them in the eye so you feel comfortable doing business with them.  It has a kind of a “Welcome to my home, come on in and it’s okay to put your feet up” feel to it. It’s short and sweet, you know, less is more. Make them want to contact you for more information.

  • No amount of text will ever compare to seeing a product in action. No matter how eloquently you articulate your customers’ pain – and your product’s ability to ease that pain–a picture is worth a thousand words. A moving picture is worth even more than that. Because of online video’s infinite shelf life, demonstration videos can impress potential consumers forever and ever – unlike the limited run of most TV commercials. Those who watch your videos will become cheerleaders for your Product or Service and tell others. Not only can you use this video for Facebook, YouTube and more but those who are now in your cheering section are promoting your business as well. 

  • Thousands of people attend Trade Shows and other Events so why not have a short but powerful Video that gives an overview of your Company’s Products or Services that those Attendee’s can see right there. Besides, it’s tough to wade through all the handouts and material given at these shows but a Video can have an Instant impact. Plus you’ll be able to capture that Attendee’s info via a Badge Scanner or Business card to send him that video that he can share with his customers. 

  • Television advertising gives you the power to reach a mass audience in seconds anytime of the day or night. Our creative television commercials are designed to inform and captivate your target customer and also strengthen your brand. From 30 Second Cable TV spots to 30 Minute Informercials, let’s work together to bring your vision to life and tell your story. If you’re looking for an idea, look no further as our creative team will sit with you to spark that original thought and get the process rolling all the way to seeing it in your living room on TV. Let’s get started!

  • From simple transitions to the most elaborate effects, our post production nonlinear editing systems provide ultra-fast editing capabilities at the hands of our experienced team. A broad array of text and graphics, motion graphics, 2-D animation and color grading are also used to enhance our post production projects at AVP. These dynamic elements add credibility and viewer interest for the people you want to reach the most. Let our team put together a Custom Motion Graphic for your Logo and make it sizzle on the screen. Have a Character you want to bring to life? Let AVP give him the moves to drive your Brand. Sit with our team to see what they can do for you and your Company. 

  • The “Green Screen” basically means you can put just about anything in the background of a Video if youʼre looking for a way to add a clean, professional look to your interviews or any kind of Corporate Video. It acts as an Invisible background to insert whatever you want behind your subject. From a Branding Perspective the Green screen provides a great opportunity to brand the piece with a company’s identity in the background. You can add textures, colors and other branding elements in order to make the video standout. The green screen also allows you to modify the video if an organization changes branding. So, you wonʼt have to throw away any good material…you can just swap out the background and youʼll be in line with the new brand. It’s Portable and can save you time when using multiple locations by creating whatever you want in editing. 

  • Owner Tom Clark is a Nationally recognized Voice-over talent but don’t worry about having only 1 voice to choose from. His 25+ years of experience in the Atlanta Acting community gives him a Roster of National Professional Talent right here in the Atlanta area. You’ll always get a FREE audition to find the “right voice” for your project. 

  • The script writing process at AVP is done through our roster of various talents depending on the task at hand. We provide Concept Development and Script Writing for all types of projects and will thoroughly research your project and audience before we even put down a single letter. Oh, we like to ask a lot of questions too as we like to be inside your head helping to get that story out on paper. If you need help polishing or refining and existing script please give us a call and we’ll be glad to assist.