Production Services

Here's what our Team can do:

HD Video Production

Let's talk about Your Vision and Who's going to see the Video. This could be a Home Page Video for your Website, Customer Testimonial,  a "How To" Video, something for your Trade Show or Live Event or a Product or Service Demo. Let's get Creative together, we'll provide a Professionally Shot & Edited piece that's uniquely yours and make sure it's Affordable for your Budget. 

Trade Show/Live Events

Thousands of people attend Trade Shows & Live Events like Corporate Meetings or Company Events so a Video that gives an overview of your Products or Services that attendees can see while there can have an immediate impact. Plus, you'll capture their info via Badge Scan or Business Card to send them that Video that they can share with Customers. 

Green Screen Studio

The Green Screen is in integral part of the Special Effects process that allows us to use technology to superimpose subjects onto an unlimited number of different virtual backgrounds. We can also add Logos to help with Branding or even save you time when using multiple locations by creating whatever you want in the editing room. 

Drone Videography

Aerial Drone Videography can provide beautiful sweeping images of Landscapes, Downtown areas, Outdoor Events, Amusement Parks, Golf Courses, Real Estate & more. Our expert team of Drone Pilots abide by all FAA Rules and Regulations and always make sure that Safety comes first.


From simple transitions to elaborate effects & Music Composition, our Post Production team will assemble a broad array of Text, Graphics, Motion Graphics, Animation, Color Grading and Audio to enhance your project. These elements add credibility, emotion and viewer interest for your viewing audience and provides some sizzle for the screen. 


From Professional Voice-over Artists to a Talent Pool of Actors to choose for your next Project, AVP will provide you with Voices & Faces to compliment your next Video. Get your scripts auditioned to find the right fit as Professional Talent can add the perfect touch to give it more Life and Credibility.